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Kimberly Santamaria - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Kimberly Santamaria

Kimberly Santamaria is a freelance copy editor and writer and has assisted clients worldwide with book manuscripts, corporate documents, and college application essays. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in English; memberships include the American Copy Editors Society and the Student Support Alliance. As a mother of two college students, Kimberly Santamaria will offer a personalized approach to the material while keeping the needs of the student and parents in mind.

John Santamaria

John Santamaria has written extensively for a wide variety of publications, including academic texts, professional journals, and web-based educational materials. He has extensive editing experience for both peer-reviewed periodicals and a textbook with international distribution. Dr. Santamaria graduated from Columbia College and earned a doctoral degree from the University of Buffalo.

John Santamaria - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Chance Solem-Pfeifer - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Chance Solem-Pfeifer

Chance Solem-Pfeifer is a writer and an editor whose work has appeared in PopMatters, Willamette Week, Fiction Writers Review, Splitsider, Boxing Insider and elsewhere. An IB graduate with a creative writing background from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he has edited and advised on many forms of writing, including novels, journalistic profiles, social media and blog writing, creative nonfiction, and instructional ebooks. Chance taught in the Nebraska Human Resources Institute and served as arts editor for The Daily Nebraskan and the managing editor of HearNebraska.org, all of which have shaped and informed his passion for helping writers deliver clear and convincing work that resonates meaningfully with readers.

Arati "A.J." Jambotkar

Arati "A.J." Jambotkar is a university instructor, editor, and freelance screenwriter. With a degree in English and women’s studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a Master of Arts in English from Northwestern State University, she taught college composition and literature courses. She also served as co-editor-in-chief of theses and dissertations at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has been nominated for a Nicholl Fellowship that is awarded annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and she also placed in the top ten of nearly 3,600 scripts in the American Zoetrope screenwriting competition. Additionally, she spent a year mentoring and tutoring at-risk, underprivileged, non-traditional students at a charter high school—an experience that taught her that using one’s talents to help others thrive is the greatest gift a person will ever receive in life.

Arati A.J. Jambotkar - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Anand Vadehra - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Anand Vadehra

Anand Vadehra has a passion for teaching and helping people. He has been a personal coach and tutor for over 15 years. He received his Bachelors in Chemistry from SUNY-Stony Brook and his Masters in Chemistry from Caltech. In both cases, he not only taught and tutored other students but also participated in groundbreaking laboratory research. Anand has co-authored two scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Katie Santamaria

Katie Santamaria attends Columbia University studying nonfiction creative writing. She a columnist for the Opinion section Columbia's newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator, and has her own bi-weekly column focused on mental health, kindness, and social dynamics. In addition to writing, Katie studies East Asian language and culture, specifically Chinese.

Katie Santamaria - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Melissa O'Brien - Coach at Writing Coaches of America.

Melissa O'Brien

Writing has been an integral part of Melissa O’Brien’s professional and personal life for more than 30 years. As a manager of communications for a large statewide Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. O’Brien was responsible for drafting speeches for Fortune 500 CEOs and communicating with Chamber members on a myriad of legislative issues. Branching out in different directions throughout her career, Mrs. O’Brien served as a Public Relations Specialist in one of the Southeast’s most dynamic advertising and public relations firms before becoming a feature and business reporter for a newspaper. After seeing a need in the public school system for substitute teachers, Mrs. O’Brien began teaching middle and high school students. Mrs. O’Brien sees the ability to educate students as a gift, helping each student discover and reinforce strengths in order to achieve the best possible outcome.