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Writing Coaches of America was born from the desire to promote the correct use of the written English language. This mission is clearly expressed in its tagline: Cleaning up America . . . one comma at a time ®.

Writing Coaches of America offers specific courses for the SAT, ACT, or PSAT. These programs teach math, grammar, and reading comprehension skills and provide detailed guidance for writing the SAT/ACT Essay. With great emphasis on testing and the college application process in the United States, taking standardized tests is a critical juncture when students are most open to improving. A solid foundation coupled with test-taking strategies prepares students for the test.

Coaching that is not geared toward a specific test is also offered. These programs are appropriate for middle or high schoolers, college students, and adults.

In every Writing Coaches of America course, coaches work one-on-one with students providing continual feedback. This personalization allows the coach to assess each student’s skills and remediate wherever necessary. Handwriting is also evaluated, as the SAT and ACT essay portions are in handwritten form. No two sessions are the same; our personalization leads to the most rapid and sustained improvement.

Tutoring sessions are conducted online via Skype and Google Drive. This method is convenient and comfortable for the student while allowing both coach and student to see, discuss, and modify teaching documents in real time.

While sessions provided by Writing Coaches of America prepare students very well for these standardized tests, the larger goal is to have these skills for college, everyday life, and the working world.

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